Devblog 2

An update on my Pawn videogame–

I spent most of the last week redoing the art style and playing around with movement animations. It seems obvious now, but animations have a tremendous effect on what a game feels like to play. It seemed too bizarre watching my objects move across the screen without any image changes. This gave the game a very ephemeral feel, and I felt disconnected from the pawn when I was moving it around, which isn’t what I’m looking for. Adding a simple 30 degree rotation gave the pieces much more weight, and shifted the burden of movement back to me (the player).

I also ran into a tricky situation, where I’d made the objects too tall to fit my full level design onto a 1020×768 resolution, so I spent a while resizing everything and fixing that up. I’ve incorporated game makers “views” function, which enabled me to include a screen shaking effect to accompany certain collisions. I’m still on target for April 14th, as I should have no problem getting level 3 running this weekend.

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 18.27.11



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